Sunday, 25 November 2007

Texture picture analysis

This photo was taken by Bruce Montagne. "Autumn leaves add color to the walls of slate sculpted by the Big Iron River."
Upper Peninsula

Photographers intentions
1. what are the photographers aims?

The photographer's aims are to show the contrast between the hard, grey slate and the brightly coloured soft leaves. Whixh is juxtaposition.

2. Who is the image for? More than one audience?
His image is specifically aimed at people who are interested in nature but it also attracts other people who can appreciate the beautiful colours and interesting texture.

3. Does the image successfully communicate the photographers aims and intentions?
Yes, this picture can be seen by anyone as beautiful because it is simple and the colour of the leaves symbolises happiness rather than dark colours which symbolise darkness. The slate looks very soft and attractive.

Analysing the image.
1. What type of photography is this? documentary, reportage, portrait, fine art, advertising, editorial?

Fine art.

2. What is included in the photograph?
Slate with ridges, colourful leaves and fairly small stones.

3. What message does it convey?
That colour can make the dullest things look beautiful. Originally the slate was dull and grey but the addition of colour makes it appear beautiful and fine art.

4. What techniques do you think have been used to make the image?
The picture is a wide shot, not specifically close up which means the audience can see three different layers- stone, leaves, stone. The image may have been cropped so that all of the included leaves are similar colours and there are no odd things within the image.

5. Has the image been staged?
6. Has the image been manipulated in any way?
I think it is possible that the leaves have fallen into the intersection of the slate because there is a crevace. I think the leaves look as if they have simply fallen into place. We are left to guess because we cannot see what is above or to the sides . However, the image could have been staged but the photographer has done it so that it appears very authentic and realistic.

Personal Response.

1. How does the image make you feel?
The image makes me feel comforted because the colours are so beautiful and whenever I see leaves like this they make me feel happy and in a positive mood.

2. Does it remind you of anything? personal experiences, other photographers work.
One of the reasons I chose this image is because ther region it was taken in (UP of Michigan) is somewhere I have seen a lot of as I used to live nearby. It reminds me of the many beautiful pieces of nature I have seen. His other photos are also of nature including some wild animals.

Monday, 29 October 2007

Natural Pictures


1/160 secs


1/100 secs

F/ 5.6

1/500 secs


1/320 secs


1/200 secs

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